METOS BRATT PANFutura 60L 400V3N~50Hz




The frying surface is made of thick steel which stores heat extremely well throughout the whole frying area. The volume of the pan area is 25 liters. The temperature is adjustable between 0…+250°C. The heating time, to the set temperature, lasts for 5-6 minutes. The seamless surfaces and rounded corners make’s the pan easy to clean.

Metos Futura 60L bratt pan has a strong electrical tilting, which makes emptying of the pan more ergonomic. Tilting cannot be started if the lid is closed or the water filling (option) is in progress. Manual tilting is available as a factory option. In addition, the bratt pan can be equipped with height adjustment function (factory option) and water filling tap (factory option). Height adjustment and water filling works by pressing a button.

– balanced lid
– stainless steel external surfaces and lid
– uniform stainless steel frying area
– electro mechanical control
– overheating protection

Additional information

Weight125 kg
Dimensions81 × 60 × 95 cm
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